Матвєєва Тетяна Володимирівна - урок

Матвєєва Тетяна Володимирівна - урок

Авторський урок

Клас: 9-Б

Тема: Getting Together

Вчитель:  Матвєєва Т.В.

Date : 22.10. 2013

Form: 9

Topic: Getting Together

Lesson type: урок-узагальнення вивченого матеріалу ,8 урок теми.


-        Practical- to facilitate pupils` free speaking by using the vocabulary units in various exercises;

-        Educational- to widen learners` knowledge about the ways of spending their free time with pleasure;

-        Cultural- to promote positive altitude towards foreign culture;

-        Developmental- to teach learners to analyse and draw conclusions, to provide an opportunity for personal expression.


Equipment: a blackboard, handouts with the tasks, notebook, PowerPoint presentation.

Structure of the lesson

1.     Greetings, organization of the lesson, setting the aims.

2.     Setting the atmosphere of foreign language communication, announcing the topic.

3.     Phonetic drill.

4.     Checking  home task /project work/.

5.     Pair work.

6.     Vocabulary practice, team work.

7.     Work with the video.

8.     Setting the home task.

9.      Conclusions of the lesson.

10.                 Evaluation.





1.Greetings, organization of the lesson, setting the aims.

T: Good morning pupils!

P: Good morning teacher!

T: I hope you are in a good mood today and will be hard-working at the lesson because we are going to do a lot of different things : guess, listen to the song, do questionnaire, watch interesting video and speak, of course. You will get either a piece of cake which means 2 points or a lollipop- 1 point for your answers. Are you ready to start?

2.Setting the atmosphere of foreign language.

T: You know, yesterday I visited a wonderful place and had unforgettable emotions. Here in this envelope I have a ticket. What do you think, where I was?

\ pupils give their ideas\

As I see, you like entertainment and know different ways of spending free time. So, I`m sure, our today`s topic will be interesting. We continue working on a topic “Getting Together”. Next week we will have a test and finish the topic.

1.     Phonetic drill.

T: Now, please look at the picture. You see the photo of a young man, he is waiting for some event. What event is he waiting for, can you guess?

\ pupils give their ideas\

T: Listen to the song and check if you were right and find out the words with sound [n]

T: So, were you right in your predictions? Who mentioned the idea about birthday party?

T: Who can name the words with sound [n]?

\pupils name the words\

Listen to the song for the second time and find out the information how is a person going to celebrate his birthday.

\pupils share their ideas\

T: What is the most preferable way of celebration for him?

4. Checking  home task /project work/.

T: Your home task is closely connected with the topic of the song. You had to think over your perfect birthday celebration at home. It was your project work to make a collage. I see that all of you are ready and it makes me really happy. But today only one will present his\her collage. The rest will pass me  works and I will check them and put marks.

\the teacher chooses one pupil, he\she comes to the blackboard and answers the questions\

T: Your task is to put questions about collage.

5.Pair work.

T: Look at your desks, you see some copies, take please copy 1. You are going to work in pairs. One pupil from the pair has the questionnaire “ How I Prepare For My Birthday Party”, another “ How I Prepare a Birthday Party- Surprise For my Friend” . You have a minute for work, mark the answers. Time starts!

T: Time is out, exchange the questionnaires with your partner. Some of you will tell me about your partners.

6. Vocabulary practice.

T :By the way, have you noticed the balloons on your desks? We need them to devide you into 2 teams. Those, who have red ones, take 1 row, those who have violet balloons take 2 row. You see, I have a problem an need your help. Will you help me? I have a pen-friend from G.B. She sent me an e-mail, but some parts are missed, instead of them we have photos. Last time we studied some words and word-combinations, they are hidden in photos. Your task is to find them out and write in blanks. Those team, which will cope with the task quicker and correctly, will get each a piece of cake, another lollipops. Time starts!

\after finishing the teacher checks the correctness and awards the pupils\

7.Work with the video.

T: Today we are going to meet our friends Ashley and Stephen. But before meeting them, let`s talk about British free time. Are the ways of spending free time in G.B. differ from those we have in Ukraine? 



\pupils voice their ideas and come to the blackboard to write them down.\

T: May I add one extra? I know for sure that British people like pub. Do you know the meaning of this word? Let`s watch video and get the information.

T: So, what is pub?

\pupils share ideas\

T: What we can do in a pub?

T: Can we order only alcoholic drinks?

\pupils answer\

T: Let`s watch the video once more. Take copy 2 and while viewing make sentences true or false.

\after watching pupils read the statements\

8. Setting the home task.

T: Your home task will be according to your choice, either to fill the chart about the video, you have it on your copies, or to write an e-mail to your friend from G.B. how you spend free time.

9.           Conclusions of the lesson.

T: You were really hard-working, well done! Do you like the lesson? What have we learnt?

\pupils answers\

10.      Evaluation.

T: Now let`s count you prizes and transform them into marks.


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